Live at the Crozet Mudhouse

by Coyote

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Recorded live at the Crozet Mudhouse December 20th, 2013.


released January 7, 2014

vox & guitar - carmen
bass & various percussion - bev
keys - ethan
percussion - preston



all rights reserved


Coyote Charlottesville, Virginia

Comprised of local Charlottesvillians,

Carmen Allen - vocals, guitar, ukulele
Beverly Morrow Ernst - acoustic bass, guitar, vocals

An organic folk cross between Kate Bush and Disney Princess with a dash of tribal debauchery.
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Track Name: Airports
I'm beginning to think we'll never get off the ground
If we do, we'll be in a two-seater, clowning around
But single-engine Cessnas aren't good at long distance
We'll have to stop somewhere to fill up, refuel
And airports nowadays are just a big mess

I have a feeling our skies will be rife with destruction
A delicate explosion, illuminating Apollo's path
But Phaeton had it right, you gotta try it at least once
Even though we may fall into the ocean, burning out of existence
We could rise, we could rise a phoenix coasting on thermals
No need to refuel
No need of airports, cause nowadays, they're just a big mess
Track Name: I Write Love Songs
I write love songs, too many maybe, but there it is
I'm enamored with the sounds of love
But now they fall heavy on your unreadable face
And now I'm confused and unsure, and so fucking goofy

You melted my neural synapses
I'm unable to look away when you climb
Up through meandering veins straight to my heart
And now I'm sanguine and aroused, and so fucking goofy

My head is on fire, this heat is nigh unbearable
Douse me with water, extinguish me
Before I melt away, before I melt away
And now I'm liquid in your hands
But still so fucking goofy
Track Name: Blazing Naked
It's hot enough, we could swim in each others sweat
Press me down onto the hardwood floor
Where the wood grain and our skin met
At night we burn for more

Lay me down under the clear blue sky
Don't be shy, they can look, but only we can touch
I want it in a public place
I want mud on my legs and grass in my hair

I want to lick off all your sweat
Skin glistens, sunlit and wet
I want to go blazing naked through the trees
What does your skin look like in dappled half light?

I know this may seem a little forward
But the animal in me killed the silly human
All I can think about is using your body as a giant Slip'n'Slide

Come play with me
Slip into my dress
Now no one can see
We'll return a disheveled mess
Track Name: Love Note
I want to be near you, brush up against you
Make dinner together
Laugh belly laughs with you about something inane
I wanna fight with you
I wanna have make-up sex with you
I wanna wake up in the morning with you there next to me
Radiating warmth like a sleeping volcano
I wanna be there for you when you feel like things are bad
I wanna be your shoulder, your comfort, your home
Whenever you need arms to wrap around you
I wanna be the person those arms are attached to
I wanna make life happen with you
I wanna see your face everyday for the rest of our lives
See the age lines draw themselves like watercolor
I wanna make more of you, another you, another me
Someone so lovely, they'll break our hearts
We could make life great
You make me happy
I wanna make you happy too
Track Name: Young Heart
I sat beside you, I was in heaven
You remind me of Aphrodite's lover
For the sun showers you with sunlight
In her obvious affection for you

Your hands are like clouds flowing over my skin
You barely touch me, but this sends shivers through me
Nothing compares to this

The sky is full of stars
And I can't see them
But I do see you
I see you

As Romeo said, our lips two blushing pilgrims praying
Your lips pray on my body in places I can't define
Feels so natural

The air around us is alive
It's as if you have memorized every line of me
Every contour yet undiscovered
You know me like no one has, or ever will

The sky is full of stars
And I can't see them
But I do see you
I see you, only you
Track Name: Burn
Fires burn
Leaves blow in the wind
Ash covers everything
The world is turning gray

We are human
We burn
We change with the wind
We smother everything
The world is faded gray

Hope burns luminous
In our hearts there is verdant life
The world is full of what may be
Track Name: Speaking Your Language
I said I wouldn't take you up on this flight of fancy
But now I'm soaring higher than the stratosphere
It's all too common in this era to let little things go unnoticed
In favor of ambivalence

I want to, I am begging you
Let me hold you near, together we will care too much
You are longing for your words to mean something to someone else
Well, open up your ears, 'cause I'm speaking your language